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Schofield Barracks Auto Skills




The Schofield Barracks Auto Skills Center is a convenient, inexpensive and professional Automotive Shop open to installation ID card holders and their family members. We offer on-site automotive repair and service from certified mechanics, as well as access to proper equipment for self-help maintenance.

Our professional services include:

  • Long term vehicle storage
  • RV/ Boat/ Jet Ski storage
  • Storage shed rental
  • DIY auto repair
  • Resale Lot

If you like working on your car, we have 30 bays available to perform your own maintenance and even offer classes to teach you how.

Note. Schofield Barracks Auto Skills does not operate the car wash next to our facility. For inquires, contact AAFES Gas Station Bldg. 80 Foote Ave. or call +1 (808)624-9857



Services available by the staff



Brake drum turning

$20 per drum

Brake disc turning

$20 each wheel

Wheel balance

All sizes w/ clip on weights

Note: Stick on weights extra

$20 per tire 





Computer scanner

$50 per vehicle

Charging system test

$20 per vehicle

Check engine light reset

$20 per vehicle


Glass Beading Gasket, Surface Only



4 cylinder (all)

$6 per head

6 cylinder (all)

$8 per head

6 cylinder (straight)

$10 per head

6 cylinder (integrated)

$15 per head

8 cylinder (all)

$10 per head

VW cylinder head

$4 per head

Valve covers

$4 per cover

All intake manifolds

$8 per manifold

*Please Note: Entire head/intake is an additional $10 charge. All other items must fit in the machine, there is $6 charge for every 15 minutes of glass beading.


General Items



Flat bay/bench work

$6 per hour

Lift bay

$6 per hour

Overnight storage

$10 per night

Junk parts disposal


P-Tire disposal fee

$8 per tire

Truck Tires

$14 per tire

Waste Oil Disp

$1 per gallon


Storage Shed Rental

Metal Container Unit

$100 per month


$60 per month

Do-It-Yourself Body Work



Paint booth deposit


Paint booth (7 hour max)

$30 per hour


Schofield Barracks offers additional on-site repairs by Tech-Center Hawaii. Call for prices +1 (808)888-2931 or +1 (808)769-7464

Resale Lot

The Resale Lot is a showplace for used cars, trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles for sale, by the owner.

  • If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, come by the Resale Lot to view the full inventory.
  • Parking in the Resale Lot requires a permit. The minimum fee for this permit is $10 for 7 days. The price may be more depending on the length of stay.
  • You must bring the following items to the Schofield Auto Skills Center to obtain a Resale Lot Permit:
    • Valid government ID card
    • Valid state registration and license plate sticker
    • Valid stated safety inspection papers and stickers
    • Valid proof of insurance Hawaii "No Fault" insurance card
  • Note: Power of attorney is required if you are not the registered owner.
Storage Lot

The Storage Lot at Schofield Barracks is available for:

  • Vehicles
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Jet Skis

Long term vehicle storage - $60 per month (Located on Duck Rd.)

RV/Boat/Jet Ski Storage - $50 16ft and below, $60 above 16ft (Located on McMacomb Rd.)

Policies, Procedures and Environmental Compliance

Policies and Procedures

1. Items needed to sign in vehicle:

  • Valid ID card
  • Vehicle registration
  • DA-3031-1 Qualifications card

2. Registered owners of vehicle must be present while vehicle is being repaired.

3. Covered-toe shoes to be worn at all times.

4. Children under 15 years of age are NOT ALLOWED in the shop area or grounds.

5. NO pets allowed in the area.

6. Shop patrons are responsible for cleaning area immediately after use, or immediately following a spill.

7. Tools damaged other than fair wear and tear is the responsibility of the patron.

8. The Automotive Skills Center is not responsible for any damage to vehicles whether by fire, theft, or any other means. Security of property is the responsibility of patrons.

9. Patrons without a DA-3031-1 will be required to complete a basic shop safety class.

10. Complete Standing Operating Procedure is available at each facility.

Environmental Compliance

1. The environment is the responsibility of everyone.

2. All spills (large or small) will be cleaned immediately.

3. Any hazardous material brought into the shop must have a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

4. All hazardous materials will be disposed of properly by the patron.

5. All rags soaked with “F listed” solvents will be disposed of properly by the patron. Examples of “F Listed” solvents are: brake cleaner, carburetor cleaner, penetrating fluids.

  • Schofield Barracks Auto Skills
  • Closed all federal holidays. If a holiday falls on a Monday we will be closed the following Tuesday. DoD requires masks to be worn while indoors at this facility, regardless of vaccination status. Additional mitigations may apply.
  • Hours:

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