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Army Family Team Building (AFTB) is a Family resiliency and readiness training program that provides participants with an understanding of Army culture, and the skills and resources they need to become self-reliant, self-sufficient members of the military community.

AFTB Overview

AFTB empowers you through self-development and leadership skills to learn basic Army knowledge, receive specialized training, that will maximize your personal and professional potential. This program improves personal and family preparedness which enhances overall Army readiness and helps America’s Army adapt to a changing world. For more information, contact your AFTB Program Manager or Army OneSource.

AFTB Class Descriptions

AFTB is organized into three levels and is taught through interactive classes. A brief description of the AFTB levels are as follows:

AFTB Level K: “Military Knowledge” - This is a fun, simple class that will teach you basic military knowledge.

  • Military benefits and entitlements
  • Decipher Army Acronyms and the Leave and Earning Statement (LES)
  • How to utilize community resources
  • Improve financial readiness skills
  • Understand the goal and impact of the Army mission on daily life

AFTB Level G: “Personal Growth and Resiliency” - Learn how to improve your personal relationships, communication, and stress-management skills. Discover how teams form and grow, how to solve problems, and how to resolve personal conflict.

You’ll also learn about Army

  • Traditions
  • Customs
  • Courtesies
  • Protocol

AFTB Level L: “Leadership Development” - This course trains leadership skills. Thrive in the Army and civilian life by expanding leadership skills, effective communication techniques, and learning to mentor others into leadership positions. You’ll learn about:

  • Different leadership styles
  • How to run an effective meeting
  • How to manage group conflict
  • How to coach and mentor others

AFTB Instructor Training Course (ITC) - ITC prepares volunteers to become instructors for the AFTB program. To become an AFTB Instructor individuals must take all three levels and then attend the ITC/BTC. You will learn:

  • Platform skills
  • Methods of instruction
  • The Adult Learner
  • Managing the Learning Environment
  • Preparation Process.

Because we are an all volunteer corps, we continually recruit instructors. We encourage all spouses, Soldiers, retirees and civilians who express an interest in our program to sign on as an instructor.

For more information, contact your AFTB Program Manager.

AFTB Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Army Family Team Building empowers individuals, maximizing their personal growth and professional development through specialized training, transforming our community into a resilient and strong foundation meeting today's military mission.

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