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On behalf of U.S. Army Garrison (USAG), Hawaii Soldiers and Families, the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Family and MWR) Directorate sincerely appreciates the phenomenal outpouring of community support over the years. Thank you for considering a donation to USAG, Hawaii!

On a daily basis, we are asked:

·         “How can we give?”

·         “Who can we give to?”

·         “If we want to send items to the troops, how can that be done?”

Giving to USAG, Hawaii’s Soldiers and their families is easy.  In addition, as a company, organization, or as an individual, you have many options.  We want to emphasize that whatever option you choose, we will help facilitate the process - but ultimately it is ENTIRELY your choice.

Difference Between Donations and Sponsorship


When making a donation, donors are not officially recognized through the media or publicity events.  A donation must be anonymous and offered unconditionally.  The Department of the Army is prohibited from making public announcement of the gifts received (Army Regulation 1-101). In addition, the installation Commander, not the donor, decides which program receives the gifts (AR 1-101).

All offers require a signed and dated Gifts and Donation Form. This is so they may receive the appropriate legal review, and a written approval of acceptance.


Sponsorship is a business-based decision conducted as an exchange of values. A commercial sponsorship is an investment (a fee paid to MWR), in cash and/or in-kind, in return for access to business potential, such as public recognition, branding or advertising opportunities, associated with that property, event, promotion, etc. Corporations, associations, or individuals provide assistance in form of funding, goods, equipment (including fixed assets), or services to an MWR program(s) or event(s) in exchange for advertising or promotional opportunities within the Army community.

Army MWR commercial sponsorships require written agreements and are for a limited period of time, not to exceed one (1) year. The Army MWR Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Program is governed by Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 1015.10, Enclosures 11 and 12 and Army Regulation 215-1, Military Morale, Welfare, and Recreations Programs and Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) Instrumentalities' dated 24 September 2010, Chapter 11.  Click here to be redirected to the sponsorship and advertising program.  

Want To Make A Donation?

Below, we have listed some information on how to get started with your donation. Please note that this web page is in no way a solicitation of a donation. This page is intended to aid those who wish to donate in completing the process.

Forms and Information

Gifts and Donations Offer Form Click here 

Credit card donation accepted on the Gifts to Family & MWR Installation Management Command website at

Select the following for USAG-HI on the website:

Installation: USAG Hawaii

Category: You select

Donation Amount: Type

In Honor of: Type name of facility example (Bowling, ACS, Library, Your Choice)

Installation Policies and Procedures

Policy Memorandum, USAG-HI-31, Unsolicited Gifts and Donation Management

Army Regulations (AR)

AR 1-100

AR 215-1

Frequently Asked Questions

There are five basic types of gifts or donation offers the Army is most often asked about.  They are:

  1. Gifts or donations to Army Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (Family and MWR) Programs.  The Garrison Commander or the garrison Family and MWR Director may accept unconditional gifts of any amount up to $50,000.  The authority may not be further delegated.  Garrison Commanders can accept up to $100,000.  Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Region Directors, the Commanding General, Deputy Commanding General or the Family and MWR Commander may accept gifts of up to $250,000.  Any gifts over that amount require the Secretary of the Army’s approval.
  2. Gifts or donations for select Army Community Services (ACS) Family Programs, Soldiers Family Readiness Groups (SFRG), or the Soldier and Family Assistance Center. Subject to the same guidelines as Family and MWR programs listed above.
  •  The SFRG Supplemental Mission Account – Established to accept unsolicited donations or gifts made to the Army and intended for FRG or military family support.
  • ACS’s Supplemental Mission Overall Program account.  Established to accept unsolicited donations or gifts intended for ACS programs.  Another ACS Supplemental Mission Account for Army Family Action Plan (AFAP), Army Family Team Building (AFTB), and Installation Volunteer Service (IVS) (also known as Army Volunteer Corps) also exists; however, an exception to ACS policy for obtaining commercial sponsorship was made for these programs exclusively.  Companies may now sponsor these programs and obtain advertising in exchange for their support.
  1. Gifts or donations intended for direct distribution to soldiers.
  • Limited to good and services, i.e. Soldier comfort kits or items, phone cards, food (preferable non-perishable, holiday packages, and electronic devices.
  • No dollar limit is placed on these sorts of goods offered.
  • Cash to Soldiers is not authorized.
  • Donor is usually required to pay transportation costs for goods offered.
  • The senior mission commander and Garrison Commander have been delegated the authority to accept this category of gift.
  1. Gifts or donations offered to Soldier Family Assistance Center, which in turn supports Wounded Warriors or their Families
  • Applies to active duty service members and DoD employees who incurred illnesses/injuries as a result of armed conflict or other circumstance while on active duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001, and their families.
  • Wounded Warriors and families may not solicit donations.
  • Wounded Warriors and families offered unsolicited donations/gifts should talk with an Ethics Counselor to ensure that it is authorized.
  1. Gifts or donations offered directly to the Department of the Army.  Established so that the Secretary of the Army can accept gift offers and for gifts to the Fisher Houses.  This includes real or personal property, or gifts with monetary value. Subject to AR 1-100.

The USAG Hawaii's Family and MWR Directorate is committed to facilitating the gift and donation process.  We will help you through the process, and while giving is not difficult, there are certain parameters that have to be followed - - such as the requirement for a written offer of donation, acceptance of the offer, and receiving of appropriate legal review.  Thank you for your interest in supporting Soldiers and families at Garrison Hawaii.

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