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What's FAPening: Make 2019 YOUR Year

“5…4…3…2…1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!”


A new year is upon us, bringing opportunity for change and new beginnings.  Whether 2018 was the best year ever or one you would like to forget, 2019 is here and January is the perfect time to utilize the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) for individual and family growth. Here are three helpful things to consider in setting purposeful goals, whether they are personal, professional, or family centered:


Is it realistic? There’s probably a good chance a goal of “traveling to the moon by the end of the year” is not going to happen. However, setting smaller goals to reach an ultimate, larger goal may be more obtainable. Do you need to finish your degree to get that promotion at work? Why not enroll in a class or meet with an academic advisor to set up an education plan? Maybe you want to stick to a budget, but are not willing to sacrifice your morning coffee. Set up an appointment with a free financial counselor! Army Community Service (ACS) offers a wonderful Financial Readiness Program which connects you to specialists who can help you make a realistic budget, while still having the freedom to indulge in your morning coffee run. Setting realistic goals empowers us to have greater control over our lives.


Is it meaningful? Setting goals that are meaningful and important to you makes it more likely they will be achieved.  If you are new to the area and have young children, consider giving Play Morning a try! Not only do your kids have the chance to socialize with other kids, but you can meet other parents who may be looking for a friend as well.  If you would like to improve your communication and relationship with your significant other, FAP offers It Takes Two: A Couples Class. Additionally, FAP also has classes to enhance your parenting skills like Parenting 101 (basic parenting information) and 1, 2, 3 Magic (guidance for successful discipline methods).


Is it measureable? One of the reasons resolutions fail is due to the lack of planning and follow up.  Consider writing down your goals and monitoring them as you go.  Creating specific goals will hold you accountable. You can revise your goals as needed to meet your schedule and lifestyle. 

Goals can be set for a variety of situations, whether for personal, professional, or relationship development. If you create goals that are realistic, meaningful, and measureable, not only can those goals be achieved, but a greater sense of accomplishment can be felt knowing YOU made them happen.


Your ACS and Family Advocacy ohana is here to help. Visit, walk in, or call 808-655-4ACS (4227) for a complete listing of our classes, groups, and support options that will help you start your new year strong and with aloha!

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